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Scott MacMillan

Publisher | Author | Entrepreneur | Strategic Adviser

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I help business owners write and publish books that build their authority and grow their business.

Join the Grammar Factory community. Become part of a group of entrepreneurs who write, publish, and grow, both personally and professionally.

Scott MacMillan

"Entrepreneur to Author" book

Coming soon in 2020: "Entrepreneur to Author: How to Write and Publish a Book that Builds Authority and Grows Your Business".

In Entrepreneur to Author, I share details of the STEPS publishing method we use at Grammar Factory to help our clients become influential thought leaders in their field.

Entrepreneur to Author 3d cover

About Scott MacMillan.

I'm an entrepreneur, strategic adviser, and Executive Publisher at Grammar Factory Publishing. We help business owners write and publish books that build their authority and grow their business.

In 2020, I'm publishing "Entrepreneur to Author: How to Write & Publish a Book that Build Authority and Grows Your Business".

With 20+ years in Media including as Head of Strategy for Rogers Media and Management Consulting with Boston Consulting Group, my mission is to bring strategic thinking and analytical rigour to publishing nonfiction books that get results.

About Grammar Factory.

Grammar Factory Publishing is a professional service publisher founded in Melbourne, Australia and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Since 2013, we've helped more than 200 entrepreneurial business owners build authority and grow their business. Grammar Factory clients span the globe, with authors in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

We're laser-focused on books that deliver results. How? By layering strategic thinking and analytical rigour on top of editorial excellence and award-winning design to delivery not just professional calibre books, but ones that get results.

Recommendations for Scott MacMillan.

Matthew Webber

Founder, Menark Group | Author, "Fit for Disruption"

"What separates Scott and his organization from the rest is that he has been in our shoes, working in executive and management roles and also as an entrepreneur."

Rob Sinclair

President, EnerStrat Canada

"Scott is one of the most intelligent and creatively focused people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His seasoned business sense and creativity were a winning combination that helped our group succeed."

Write. Publish. Grow.

Join a group of high-impact, entrepreneurial business owners who are writing, publishing, and growing personally and professionally.